Dear Reader,
WHY DID I START A BLOG? I’m currently in the earliest part of my twenties, I feel like I’m in this unsolvable labyrinth where just when I think I have it all figured out the plot twist comes in and says ‘No honey, it’s not that easy’ so I decided to document all the good, bad and downright ugly parts and fingers crossed I’m not the only person going through this. My blog will discuss love, relationships, friendships, finances, education, religion/faith, mental health and so much more will be seen throughout its development. This is a haven for me to be myself so share your thoughts while I share mine, welcome to Girl In Her Twenties!

I’m not Lonely, I’m Alone

This week was filled with impulsive decisions, heavy day drinking, funny friend dates, body positivity and the end of a toxic friendship, I’m still reflecting on everything that has happened and there’s no regret at this moment. I feel oddly comfortable with every good and bad decision I’ve made and I don’t feel the need… Continue Reading →

I Like the Chase. . .

When it comes to men, I love a challenge and if it’s not a cat and mouse game then you’ll most likely lose my attention quicker than you gained it. I’m fully aware how unhealthy this habit is and I’m working overtime to curb it now before I end up ruining things I’ll never be… Continue Reading →

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