My grandpa died last week Wednesday and it’s been a really difficult time for me. I’m fully aware that it’s the circle of life, birth and death maintain the balance. But . . . I was already trying to stay positive in my already dark times and him dying really has me feeling like I’m… Continue Reading →

I Quit Drinking Alcohol

I’ve always been a red wine and beer type of girl, the legal drinking age in my country is 18 and I was drinking long before that. I’m also from a drinking family so it wasn’t something outlandish, I think the only person that doesn’t excessively drink alcohol is my maternal grandmother but she has… Continue Reading →

It’s Okay To Cry

One thing for sure, two things for certain, if I’m feeling overwhelmed there’s a 100% chance I’m going to cry because it’s okay to! I don’t think you’re weak if you cry, I think sometimes life gives you one too many things to handle, some you can hold firmly in your hands and others will… Continue Reading →

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