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It’s the WEEKEND!!!! I’m so happy better yet let me say I am extremely relieved and looking forward to this long weekend (Monday is a holiday for me). The week was hectic I had Leo club activities plus my induction into the club ceremony, Young Women in Leadership stuff, work and matters in my personal life to deal with. Those are the main reasons why I didn’t post a blog this week and it made me feel bad but I know I can only do so much and I don’t ever want to feel overwhelmed.

The ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.


When God was gifting/blessing females in my family with talents and features, everyone got the good curves (shape) and beauty while I got brains and my grandma’s intuition. It used to creep me out how much my grandma relied on her intuition to guide her and make important decisions BUT lately, I’ve been doing the same and honestly, I don’t know why (I’m leaning towards my insatiable need to be and find myself as the answer).

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Let me give you an example, I have a type when it comes to guys, for some unknown reason I always seem to date and end up in relationships with the nerdy ‘I watch anime, read manga and introverted’ type of men but recently I met someone who is the polar opposite of my type and this made me hesitant. I’ve been swimming in calm lakes for a very long time so a roaring ocean scared the daylight out of me but my instincts kept telling me to dip my toe in that ocean to see if the water is cold or warm and I DID!

Shockingly we click in the weirdest but soothing way, time will tell if this fizzles out or becomes something worthwhile, either way, I’m happy with my decision.

Whenever that gut feeling kicks in during moments of indecisiveness, I allow it to lead and I just follow, now you must be wondering if the results of following my intuition are helpful or bad, well that is yet to be determined. However, I’m sure since I share a lot of myself on this blog you will know.

Do you trust your intuition? Honestly, I would love to know.
Thanks for reading!


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