Extract from the Mind of a Melodramatic; Spoken Words

I pride myself on my ability to feel every emotion, bottling up my feelings would be an impossible mission. Making emotional decisions is second nature and always the plan of action, I never shy away from saying my piece and showing my true intentions.

I feel my anger then I blow up and could careless if I’m labelled crazy asf. To feel is God’s gift to me, nothing beats an external scream. I drown in my sorrows, dance in my joy and have mental breakdowns to ease my pain.

Never the type to reject my emotions, I feel the good, bad and all the in betweens. When I’m numb that’s when I know I’m done.

Guys it’s been a rough week for me, going through the emotional aches and trying to keep this façade up. I’m trying to be better . . . . lets see how the weekend goes. Thanks for reading!

One thought on “Extract from the Mind of a Melodramatic; Spoken Words

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  1. Hello my lovely blog friend, brilliant post and i can relate to every emotion your talking about, im 52 years old and still haven’t figured out life yet, sometimes i cant cope with strong emotions, have a lovely day sweetness.

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