I Wanna Be Where The Money Resides!

Photo source: Pinterest I'm fully aware that money doesn't equal happiness but I do know it can improve your quality of life so I say this with no regret, "I WANNA BE WHERE THE MONEY RESIDES"💰💰💰 Now, I don't need to be filthy rich or even rich, I just need financial freedom. Financial freedom to... Continue Reading →

MONEY TALK: Confessions of a RECOVERING Spendthrift

Source: OurStart.com A spendthrift is a person who spends money in an extravagant, irresponsible way.Definition from Oxford Languages It’s the weekend😊, I hope everyone is doing and feeling good! Despite the brevity of weekends, I genuinely love and savour every moment until Monday morning rolls around and everything starts all over again. Anyways, this week... Continue Reading →

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