Extract from the Mind of a Melodramatic; Spoken Words

I pride myself on my ability to feel every emotion, bottling up my feelings would be an impossible mission. Making emotional decisions is second nature and always the plan of action, I never shy away from saying my piece and showing my true intentions. I feel my anger then I blow up and could careless... Continue Reading →


Photo source: ME The summer is ending how it should for me, not what I expected but definitely how I needed it to. I am happy for many reasons: my mental health is really good at the moment I’m enjoying it for however long it is going to last, I’ve been writing poetry almost non-stop,... Continue Reading →

I Choose Me

Photo: Jesse Millette (Pinterest) I wrote this on the 13th of August 2020, I just woke up and decided to write something that’s healing for me because I had finally let all the hurt go in a previous poem – not sure if I’m going to share that one as yet – but I want... Continue Reading →


Photo source: Instagram I was always unhappy – grateful but unhappy nonetheless - whenever my birthday came around because I felt every year was showing me I’m still not where I wanted to be but I didn’t realise until now that God was showing me this moment and situation is the one I needed to... Continue Reading →


PHOTO: ME HAPPY AUGUST! It’s my birth month and to commemorate it I will be posting a blog every week, yes, I said it, EVERY WEEK with a bonus post on my birthday so that will be a total of 6 blog posts, I am screaming internally but I am up for a challenge, now... Continue Reading →


Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.– Martin Luther King Jr Last month I said my first post for June would be on ‘Manifestation And Speaking Things Into Existence’ but with the current state of the world, I don’t have the desire to write about that topic until... Continue Reading →

Music & Series Recommendation

Usually music and series recommendations are made at the end of my blog post, but I have quite a few so I decided to do a separate post instead. If you’ve listened or watched any of the songs or series below let me know your thoughts in the comment section. MUSIC:Da Baby “Find My Way”,... Continue Reading →

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