It’s Okay To Cry

Source: Instagram One thing for sure, two things for certain, if I'm feeling overwhelmed there's a 100% chance I'm going to cry because it's okay to! I don't think you're weak if you cry, I think sometimes life gives you one too many things to handle, some you can hold firmly in your hands and... Continue Reading →


Photo source: Unknown Do you ever feel tired? Like you can't keep going? I felt like that this week, I'm filling in for a cashier for the month of August at a store and I've been TIRED (both mentally and physically)!!!! There is someone who doesn't like me at work for no reason, I strongly... Continue Reading →

My Dubious State

Photo source: Unknown It's 5:25 a.m. usually I'd be asleep during this time if I'm not binging on Netflix but instead of peaceful slumber, I'm wide awake this morning after 2 back to back nightmares. To clear my head I decided to read a few blogposts but I've read all the recent ones already and... Continue Reading →

ADULTING: I Hate It Here!

Source: Stitcher Dear wonderful humans of the Internet, this adulting shit is hard! September has probably been the most emotionally draining and mentally exhausting month for me I feel absolutely and utterly stuck while trying not to be swallowed whole by my impending depression and negative thoughts. When I was younger nobody told me it... Continue Reading →

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