Photo source: Unknown My grandpa died last week Wednesday and it's been a really difficult time for me. I'm fully aware that it's the circle of life, birth and death maintain the balance. But . . . I was already trying to stay positive in my already dark times and him dying really has me... Continue Reading →

I Cut My Hair, Transitional Phase?

Photo source: Unknown I welcome change with neither arms wide open nor arms closed shut . . . but it is welcomedGirl in Her Twenties I accidentally cut my short hair shorter. After washing my hair Sunday morning, I thought it would be a good idea to clip the "dead ends" or split ends whichever... Continue Reading →


Photo source: Unknown Do you ever feel tired? Like you can't keep going? I felt like that this week, I'm filling in for a cashier for the month of August at a store and I've been TIRED (both mentally and physically)!!!! There is someone who doesn't like me at work for no reason, I strongly... Continue Reading →

My Dubious State

Photo source: Unknown It's 5:25 a.m. usually I'd be asleep during this time if I'm not binging on Netflix but instead of peaceful slumber, I'm wide awake this morning after 2 back to back nightmares. To clear my head I decided to read a few blogposts but I've read all the recent ones already and... Continue Reading →

Why I CHOOSE to Believe in GOD

Source: Christianity is the most prominent religion in the Caribbean, like many I grew up in a Christian household/family which meant I was christened as a baby, went to church EVERY SUNDAY, and understood that God is the creator of the universe. As I grew older, I began to question my belief system, if... Continue Reading →

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