I Quit Drinking Alcohol

Photo source: LittleThings.comP.S. I don't like juice that much, I prefer water. I've always been a red wine and beer type of girl, the legal drinking age in my country is 18 and I was drinking long before that. I'm also from a drinking family so it wasn't something outlandish, I think the only person... Continue Reading →

It’s Okay To Cry

Source: Instagram One thing for sure, two things for certain, if I'm feeling overwhelmed there's a 100% chance I'm going to cry because it's okay to! I don't think you're weak if you cry, I think sometimes life gives you one too many things to handle, some you can hold firmly in your hands and... Continue Reading →


Photo source: Unknown Do you ever feel tired? Like you can't keep going? I felt like that this week, I'm filling in for a cashier for the month of August at a store and I've been TIRED (both mentally and physically)!!!! There is someone who doesn't like me at work for no reason, I strongly... Continue Reading →

Mentally Exhausted . . . Send Help

Photo source: Shadee Care Would anybody like to switch minds? At the moment, mine could use some much needed rest and since its owner (me) thinks she can keep pushing herself without consequences let's switch before it's too late! I'M MENTALLY EXHAUSTED!!! I'm so tired to the point where I find conversing a difficult task,... Continue Reading →

I’m not Lonely, I’m Alone

Photo source: Pinterest This week was filled with impulsive decisions, heavy day drinking, funny friend dates, body positivity and the end of a toxic friendship, I'm still reflecting on everything that has happened and there's no regret at this moment. I feel oddly comfortable with every good and bad decision I've made and I don't... Continue Reading →

Peace of Mind

Photo source: Wallpaper Access There isn't anything else I crave more right now than peace of mind, I only want to feel the ease in my thoughts and the positive shift in my thinking and that's all. Any negative disruption will be removed because it adds no value to me.Girl in Her Twenties I've been... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About MENTAL HEALTH🧠

Photo source: NAMI Today is World Mental Health Day and the theme for this year is “Mental Health for All: Greater Investment – Greater Access”. Mental Health and illnesses should be top tier on every country's list! Photo source: Pinterest Here in the Caribbean, the older generations see mental illnesses specifically depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia,... Continue Reading →

ADULTING: I Hate It Here!

Source: Stitcher Dear wonderful humans of the Internet, this adulting shit is hard! September has probably been the most emotionally draining and mentally exhausting month for me I feel absolutely and utterly stuck while trying not to be swallowed whole by my impending depression and negative thoughts. When I was younger nobody told me it... Continue Reading →

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