22 Questions to Ask a Potential Partner

Source: GIPHY I wrote 25 questions with a few bonus ones because I’m a 'ask a million questions' type of girl, plain and simple! I love to interpret answers and gain insight on personalities so I jotted down these questions in August with hopes that when the right situation and person presented itself, I would... Continue Reading →

Marriage & Kids Are OVERRATED!

My family is convinced by my mid-thirties I’ll be the cat lady who admires her wall of degrees and numerous accomplishments with no husband or children in sight. They aren’t wrong, within their exaggerated ‘prediction’ partial truths exist, I do envision myself staring at a wall filled with my achievements but I’m not a cat... Continue Reading →


Photo source: Pinterest The pop-culture term body count means the number of people you’ve had sex with.Yes they have an actual term for that LOL Last night (Saturday) my cousin and I were on the phone talking about relationships then the topic of body count came into discussion, she then proceeded to take a verbal... Continue Reading →


Photo source: The Prospector Call me crazy but it’s a GREAT time to be single ladies and gents I don’t care what anybody says, it’s fun! Three months of being single and honestly I’m really happy, don’t get me wrong there are occasional moments of loneliness (I won’t lie) I’m human and the majority of... Continue Reading →

ADULTING: I Hate It Here!

Source: Stitcher Dear wonderful humans of the Internet, this adulting shit is hard! September has probably been the most emotionally draining and mentally exhausting month for me I feel absolutely and utterly stuck while trying not to be swallowed whole by my impending depression and negative thoughts. When I was younger nobody told me it... Continue Reading →


Source: Medium.com Helloooo my lovely readers, let me first start by saying I had no clue what love languages were or that there was even a quiz to find out something like that, I had heard the terminology before but never paid much attention to it until I was reading Ijeoma Kola’s blog post 10... Continue Reading →


Photo: iamkiraj (Instagram) It was inevitable, I felt it in my gut, my intuition kept telling me, but I didn’t stop it maybe because I wanted him even if it was going to hurt. Our love story resembles popular movies like Love & Basketball (minus anyone actually playing basketball), One Day and Love Rosie, I... Continue Reading →

I Choose Me

Photo: Jesse Millette (Pinterest) I wrote this on the 13th of August 2020, I just woke up and decided to write something that’s healing for me because I had finally let all the hurt go in a previous poem – not sure if I’m going to share that one as yet – but I want... Continue Reading →

In Your 20’s: WHAT IS LOVE?

Source: Instagram wetheurban When I was growing up I didn’t have any examples of healthy intimate relationships to emulate thus by grade 7 (start of high school) I began to lean on Mills & Boon, Harlequin, cliché romantic movies and magazines to give me that foundation or knowledge of what love is or should be... Continue Reading →

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